Top Education Blogs in Nigeria

a list of the top education blogs in nigeria
(Last Updated On: January 21, 2019)

Education is a priority for any country or nation that wants to progress and over the years; it has taken precedence in the affairs of the different governments.


Therefore, below are 20 education blogs that will provide you with useful educational contents.


In no specific order, we present the top education blogs in Nigeria


Campus Portal 

Campus portal is for both academic and informative news about a different higher institution. The website offers news about their different programmes for the year, including admission forms, post-UTME, NYSC and the rest. However, they also offer updated news and information on entertaining happenings around the school campuses.



My School Gist

The website is great as an educational news outlet in Nigeria. If you need wholesome and informative news on happenings around higher institutions in Nigeria, that is constantly updated, then this website is for you. There is even provision for information on scholarships as well as job vacancies.


Nigerian Scholars

Nigerian Scholars is a go-to blog for both students and teachers alike. It offers information and news that will come in handy to those preparing for the higher institution. However, it also goes further to provide practice questions and tutorials for those who want to prepare for the different entrance exams they are to sit for.


Nigeria School 

As the name implies, it is a website on information for Nigeria schools by Nigerian students. The website offers information, insight into higher institutions in Nigeria, including private universities, monotechnics, and polytechnics. It offers information on their admission processes and screening that a secondary leaver will find interesting.


Epinmall Blog

E-pinmall blog is one of the most authoritative education blogs in Nigeria. The website which is a platform for getting exam pin also offers news, admission.



My School 

My school is a good website to visit for information if you are a school leaver in Nigeria and applying for a higher institution. They provide information that will help you through the admission process, including cut off marks, date of post-UTME examinations and all that.


Beten Blog 

The brainchild of Benjamin Anyigor, Beten Blog is a go-to blog for applicants to the different high institutions in the country. You can find news and information on the time and processes of the application as well even get past questions that can help you prepare adequately for the entrance examinations.


Code Mint

Code Mint is a computer-based website that provides all the resources including university project topics; you need to write your project as a computer science student. Also, as a technologically savvy person, you can also enjoy all the resources that the website has to offer. Code Mint has all the codes, scripts and plugins that will interest a computer science student or a technologically savvy person.


Daily School News 

If you need a website whose information can put you through all the admission process that you are expected to undergo to gain admission in a Nigerian university, then this is the website for you. They provide information on the admission process and also give you information to choose the higher institution and courses smartly.


Hot School News 

Hot school news provides news and information that are useful to students of high institutions at all level, including scholarships and study abroad opportunities. They also offer other details that might interest a student in Nigeria, for instance, the history of the different high institutions in Nigeria.



Nigeria Students 

This is the website for the Nigerian student. It provides all the Nigerian student needs to know about their educational processes and what have you in Nigeria. It is a site to follow if you want to be kept up to date with the updated news about education, including government policies in Nigeria. It also offers job vacancies for job seekers.



Martins Library 

Martins Library is an e-library that was launched in 2009. The e-library is equipped with resource materials that cover a wide range of subjects. The aim is to help people find resource materials at a go that will help them make researches and write their assignments, term papers and so what not. And it is not limited to students alone, even teachers and lecturers will find it useful.


My Past Question 

This is the website for you if you are preparing for the entrance exams (post-UTME) to gain admission into a university. The website has a lot of resource materials that will give you insight into what to look out, how to prepare and even answer questions on your way to getting admission into the post-UTME examination.  They also publish updated news about programmes of the different high institutions.


School News 

As the name implies, it is a website for students to keep themselves up to date concerning education in Nigeria. You can visit the site to keep up to date with the admission processes of different schools as well as other information you can find useful. They also publish available scholarships that you can key into.


Daily School Gist 

Daily school Gist is a blog for daily school gist, as the name implies. It is a blog that you visit to find all the updated news and information about high institutions in this country. It is not limited only to admission processes but also features important information within the school as well as entertainment news on campuses.

There are many education blogs in Nigeria, probably as a result of the recognition of the importance of education. However, these listed here will help you as a student, especially an applicant or lover of education.

If you think we miss anyone that should be on this list, please drop it in the comment and we will add it.

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