How to Check Your WAEC Result Online

step by step guide to checking your result online
(Last Updated On: October 17, 2020)

Do you want to check your WAEC result online?

WAEC is not strange to most West African students. It is one of the recognized post-primary school examinations that determined progress into the university and therefore, it is taken seriously.

WAEC, which stand for West Africa Examination Council, is written in May/June as well as Nov/Dec annually.

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Due to the fact that the world has gone digital and everything is now done online, WAEC too has to reinvent itself to keep up with the ever-progressing world. WAEC results are no longer checked manually as it was years back, they are now checked online. However, like everything, there are certain procedures that must be followed to check the result.

What are the required things you need to check your result?

  1. You ought to have taken the examination at some point in your life. If you have never taken the examination, then you have no business checking for result because it automatically means your name will not be on WAEC’s server. Also, remember that you will need to check the result based on the country you registered and wrote it. Even though WAEC is a West African exams, the website for each country are different. So you cannot check your result in the Nigeria’s website if you wrote it in Ghana. You can visit the different website depending on the country you took the exams; Ghana, Nigeria, The Gambia, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.
  1. You need a computer or a Smartphone. Of course, this is very important because you cannot even access the site without having the gadget to make that possible. So you need to get that ready. And with a computer comes internet connection to connect.
  1. You will also need to buy WAEC scratch card in order to be able to access your result on WAEC’s site. The scratch card, of course, have to be bought in the country you registered and they are usually sold in banks around the country during the WAEC period and also in the WAEC offices. Note that it is one card per one individual so you have to get yours and not use somebody else’s own.
  2. You finally need your ten-digit WAEC examination number that you must have been given to write the exams.
  1. When you have everything you need, then you need to log in to the WAEC website with your Smartphone or laptop that is connected to the internet. Remember the website you will need to visit will depend on your country.
  1. When you have successfully logged in, result check is one of the first things you will see. You will find different text boxes to enter your ten-digit examination number, your examination year, the type of examination (whether it was May/June or Nov/Dec), the scratch card serial number (which you will find at the opposite side of your scratch card and the personal identification number on your scratch card.
  1. Before you submit, it is important to go through the information entered again in case you made any mistakes before submitting it.
  1. Once you have gotten your result, in order to avoid going over this again, you could save your result in your email address.

That is it. A step by step guide to checking your WAEC result online.

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