How To Check Your 2020 JAMB Result Online

jamb result online
(Last Updated On: December 27, 2020)

JAMB, which is now called UTME (The United Tertiary Matriculation Examination) is the standardized examination required to gain admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

For many years, it was called JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) examinations.

Although the governing body retains the name, JAMB, the examination has been renamed to UTME to make it more inclusive for other institutions apart from universities.

Alongside WAEC and NECO, UTME is the examination that would determine whether or not one would proceed into the university.

The UTME is the first point of contact because it determines at all whether the institution would offer admission while WAEC and NECO are usually used to determine the course of study.

So every secondary school leaver in Nigeria is aware of the weight UTME carries on their educational progress. Unlike WAEC and NECO, the examination is taken once a year, and in recent times, because it is now computer-based, results are released faster than when the examination was paper-based. Usually, within two weeks, results are released online.

So, considering everything in the world is constantly improved upon, the board has also made some improvements this year to make checking results easier.

Thus, the usual practice in recent years is to buy a scratch card, log on to the website and enter the required details to get the results.

There is also the option of checking your phone. However, because you will need to have a printed copy that will be required by institutions to sit for Post-UTME, you will need to go online to check and print the result.

To check and print your  jamb result online, what you need is:

  1. JAMB website link which is
  2. You will also need your PIN

Both of these numbers would have been given to you when you registered for JAMB, it will be on your JAMB slip, and you must have entered it into the computer to take the examination.

The numbers are personal to you, and what differentiates you from others, so you need to safeguard it through the JAMB process.

You will need to, however, buy the JAMB PIN, for a token

And that is where EPINMall comes in. From the name, it is clear what E-pin mall offers you. You can call it a mall, an online mall where you can find all your E-pin for academic purposes. So, you do not just find JAMB PIN there, but that of WAEC Result Checker Scratch Card, NECO Result Check Scratchcard, and other examinations are available as well.

The beauty of visiting E-PIN mall is the fact that it is fast, easy and reliable. With it, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to get your PIN.

All you need is a device that can connect to the internet connection, the website address, a Bank ATM card to pay for the PIN and it will be sent to you without hassle. All of these, you can achieve without leaving your home.

They also offer consultancy in case you have any questions or need assistance concerning JAMB and other examination.

Checking JAMB result in 2019 has been made easier with this new development.

Note, however, that JAMB is bringing out the results in batches this year, so if the portal returns with a message that “You Do Not Have Any Result Yet,” don’t panic. It just means your result is yet to be out and you can check later.


How to Check Your Jamb 2019 Result Online

  1. Go to Jamb website
  2. Click on the result portal
  3. Enter your Jamb Registration number of Email
  4. Your result is loaded for you.

Using the steps above, you can check your JAMB result online without using an e-pin. Want to know how to score a perfect Jamb score, learn how the Jamb marking scheme work.

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