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how to retrieve waec examination number

How to Retrieve WAEC Examination Number

September 23, 2020

If you are a West African and literate, you definitely have heard of WAEC but do you know what it means beyond the fact that it organizes examination for senior secondary school students? If not, WAEC stands for West African Examination Council. WAEC has been around for several years, conducting large scale assessment of senior […]

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solved: how to fix waec result error

Solved: How to Fix WAEC Result Error

July 24, 2020

Do you have a problem with your WAEC result? Fixing it is simple provided you have not made the mistake of entering the wrong information. So let’s take a look at some of the issues that can lead to you having a problem with your WAEC result and how you can go about fixing it. […]

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how waec examiners grade their results

How Do WAEC Examiners Grade Their Results

March 3, 2020

If you are educated and a permanent resident of any English speaking West African country, then you know about the examination body, WAEC; you have probably written yours or you know someone who has. Education is, after all, in stages and the promotion to different stages is determined by examination and how well you do […]

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study for examination

5 Things You Should Avoid When Studying For an Examination

June 15, 2019

You can probably relate to the anxiety that comes with having an approaching examination. Most students, unfortunately, study days into the examination and become anxious because there is so little time with so much to cover. And to make up for the time lost, it is not surprising that you will start resorting to different […]

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7 education statistics you should know

7 Education Statistics You Should Be Aware Of

April 13, 2019

Do you know the top education statistics? The importance of education cannot be overemphasized. Countries that understand this fact have made education a priority and it is evident with the growth the countries experience the impact education makes on the growth and development of a country. The government of nation are expected to make sure […]

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7 cv tips to stand out

7 Tips to Make Your CV Stand Out

March 1, 2019

Do you want to land your dream job fast? Then you should look forward to making your CV standout. Recruiters receive loads of CV on a regular basis, so it will be better if yours land on the top of the pile rather than the bottom. So how can you get your CV at the […]

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How to pass waec exam in one sitting anytime

January 23, 2019

Step by step instructions to pass a waec exam in one sitting anytime The most effective method to pass a waec exam is the issue on each secondary school student lips, In this article, I have underlined the tips you have to make waves in a single sitting without Exam malpractice, and waec runs particularly […]

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niniola jamb forms

Niniola Purchases JAMB forms for 30 students

January 23, 2019

Niniola purchases JAMB forms for 30 students Niniola purchases JAMB forms for 30 students, Luscious Nigerian songstress, Niniola has purchased JAMB forms for 30 students, a motion being helped out through her establishment “Receive A Child’s Training”. As per Niniola, purchasing JAMB Forms for 30 students was her method for ‘venturing into her late dad’s […]

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jamb result online

IELTS vs TOEFL – Which is Better

January 21, 2019

IELTS vs. TOEFL   Which is better for you?   Traveling to English speaking countries to school and sometimes, to get a visa to those countries, one is expected to write either of the two major tests of English exams, IELTS and TOEFL.   Both examinations have been in existence for years and used to […]

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list of top universities in nigeria

The Complete List of Universities in Nigeria

January 21, 2019

Which university is the best university in Nigeria? Which university in Nigeria should you pick for a particular course? All these and more are some of the questions you may want to answer once you have successfully done well in your WAEC and have passed your JAMB exams. PS: By the way, you can get your […]

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